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Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Wedding

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Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Wedding

Lighting is really one the of the most important aspects in a wedding, it can make or ruin the whole atmosphere and vibe.

Here are a few tips you MUST know:

  • LED Lights: They add a glow to the walls and columns.
  • Play with Colors: Changing the colors of your LED lights can be very elegant.
  • Dimmers: You don’t want a wedding that’s too bright or too dark, dimmers are great to create a cool ambience.
  • Vibrant Lights: They can add energy and make your guests want to dance more.
  • Candles: Not only will they add a romantic touch to the venue, everyone will look extremely good and glowing.
  • Spotlights: Make sure you have a spotlight so your wedding won’t seem too dark.