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4 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

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4 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

Once a bride chooses her wedding venue and wedding planner (in some cases), she starts thinking of her wedding theme and color schemes.

Your wedding colors are the first thing your guests will notice once they enter your wedding venue, or maybe even before, once they get your invitation cards.

The color combination you choose will show in your wedding pictures and give your wedding the vibe you want.

So you have to make sure you choose the right wedding colors.

If you feel lost and don't know how to decide on your wedding colors, we have 4 great tips for you.

Break The Neutrals: If you want a neutral wedding color combination, you can add one or two colors to add a pop of color to the neutral combination. Brides this year are loving the idea of a neutral colored wedding with a pop of color.


Consider The Vibe You Want to Send: Your wedding guests will get the theme and vibe of your wedding from the moment they recieve their invitations. If you choose a gold color theme, for example, it will give the feeling that your wedding will be classic and sophisticated. If you choose a bright colored theme, it will give them an indication that your wedding style is fun and modern.


Be Guided by The Seasons: When nature is your guide you can't go wrong. Check out what flowers are in season, for example, and start from there. In summer, blush colored roses and peonies are in season, while in the fall, you might find deep red colored dahlias are in season.


Don't Be Afraid of Getting Creative: No matter how many ideas and pictures you see, nothing is more unique than choosing and creating your own wedding colors. If you find it difficult to start, then begin with a neutral color and then choose a color you love, and work from there, while keeping in mind what kind of flowers you will be using.