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Your Wedding in Colors: Coral and Turquoise

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Your Wedding in Colors: Coral and Turquoise

Celebrate your spring/summer wedding with this season's hottest color combination! Coral gives a soft and elegant touch while turquoise gives a fun, playful and fresh atmosphere.

Here is how you can add these 2 beautiful colors to your wedding without overdoing it:


The Bouquet:

Flowers and roses come in different shades of coral, orange and blush. Pick your favorite shade and flower; add a turquoise ribbon and you're done! If you would rather have turquoise flowers in your bouquet then add some coral accessories to it!



Here are a few flower types that you can use:

Tulips, peonies, roses, carnations, daisies, dahlias and hydrangeas. These flowers come in different colors and shades, for blue or turquoise flowers you can add orchids, blue bells, blue sweet pea, blue iris.

Discuss the color combination with your florist.



The Setting:

Everything on your table setting can be in coral or turqouise, or even both. Make a list on what you need for the setting and centerpieces then pick a color for each item. For example, do you want the covers to be coral or turqouise? It’s up to you to mix and match.






For the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen or Guests:

Have your florist make cute small buttonieres and corsages for your favourite people at the wedding, why not let the groom wear a pretty buttoniere too?






When it comes to adding color to your bridal look the options are endless!

Coral or turquoise jewelry? Yes please!





Wear fun and colorful shoes.




Even your nail polish and makeup can match your wedding colors!





Make your groom stand out by wearing a cute buttoniere, if he's not that type of guy then suggest a pocket square or colorful cufflinks and bow tie!




Wedding Cake:

The same goes to your wedding cake or cupakes!





Wedding Invitations:

Give your guests a glimpse of your colorful wedding!





You don't have to use the colors in every detail of your wedding if you feel it is a bit too much, once you're set on planning your wedding and have a clear idea on what you want and don't want, the ideas will start flowing.