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Your Wedding in Colors: Ombre!

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Your Wedding in Colors: Ombre!

We are crazy about ombre this season! And for those of you who don't know what ombre means, here is what you need to know…

Ombre means graduation in color, and it's simply about the shades of one color, from lighter to darker and vice versa.

We covered the ombre trend previously in our Nail Polish Trends for 2012, but it looks like the ombre trend is not only in makeup or fashion, it has made its way to weddings as well!

When it comes to planning an ombre wedding, all you need to do is pick one color! Yes, just one, and the shades of this color will appear. Look for a color diagram or spectrum like the one below to pick out all the shades of your favorite color:



Here are a few ideas in different color shades to get a better idea on how you can have your wedding in any of your favorite colors.

The Wedding Cake


Your Wedding Invitations 

Table Setting and Centerpieces 



Your Bouquet


Your Accessories 

Your Nails 

Your Bridesmaids


And finally, for the daring bride…the wedding dress!

Get your inspiration from Gwen Stefani's ombre wedding dress.