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Your Wedding in Colors: Pink and Green

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Your Wedding in Colors: Pink and Green

If you are a girly girl and simply love pink, but don't want to overdo it at your wedding, or your groom is not liking the idea of using pink in every detail of your wedding, one of the best color combinations this season is pink and green.

You will get to use the color that you love at your wedding, but at the same time adding a touch of green will prevent it from being too girly. As always we are here to show you some ideas that we absolutely love!

Wedding Invitations:

The Bride: You can wear pink or green shoes and accessories, and include pink and green flowers to your bouquet so your look can match your theme.

You can either use green and pink flowers, or try something different such as apples for green and candles, flowers or even balloons for pink.

Food and Drinks:
We love the idea of serving watermelon juice at a wedding, pink and green in one drink, and very refreshing for a summer wedding.

How about some pink lemonade and mint for decoration?

Pink and green dessert buffet, cupcakes and wedding cake!

As for the groom, a pink or green tie or even a combo of the 2 will go perfectly with your theme!

Wrap your giveaways in pink and green for your guests to take home.


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