Something Blu Wedding Packages at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

At the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Jeddah, we're passionate about making it as easy as possible to plan – and enjoy - your special day. We use our immense wealth of top-level experience to create a unique collection of inclusive wedding packages, meticulously designed to suit every budget and taste. All incorporating our superb wedding menus, proudly devised by our Executive Head Chef to feature the very best of locally sourced fine foods and ingredients. 

Our couples enjoy the following complimentary extras with the majority of our available packages: 

  • Dinner Buffet 
  • Welcome chocolates and pastries 
  • Welcome drinks - tea, coffee, and juices 
  • 5 tier wedding cake
  • Complimentary Wedding Suite on the wedding night with buffet breakfast the next day
  • Complimentary room hire and top table floral arrangements
  • Bridal suite 
  • 10 extra guests for free

Buffet Dinner includes: 

  • Fresh from The Oven: Arabic bread, brown bread, whole grain bread, french bread, and an assortment of white and brown bread.
  • Arabic appetizers: Hummus, tabbouleh with pomegranate seeds, Arabic salad, grilled salad, cucumber yogurt salad, stuffed grape leaves, and a selection of pickles and olives.
  • International appetizers: Cabbage and carrot salad with sauce, Italian Caprese salad, potato salad with olives, Russian salad, corn salad with sweet peppers, pasta salad with smoked turkey, and a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables with different seasonings.
  • Hot appetizers: Sambousek with meat, vegetables, and spring rolls.
  • Main course:Oriental rice and saffron rice, beef fillet with mushroom sauce and fresh herbs, chicken piccata with lemon sauce, saffron, mashed potatoes with crispy fried onions, a selection of oriental grills, paella, seafood, chicken shawarma, Bukhari rice with meat.
  • Dessert: Um Ali with nuts, fresh fruit slices, creme caramel, mixed fruit cake, chocolate cake, an assortment of French sweets, pudding, Balah al-Sham, and Eish al-Saraya.
  • Drinks: A selection of juices (4 flavors) a selection of soft drinks, mineral water, tea, Arabic coffee, and dates.

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Rates: 
    • For 50 guests: SR 23,000
    • For 100 guests: SR 33,000
    • For 150 guests: SR 44,000 
    • For 200 Guests: SR 59,000
  • Rates are inclusive of 15% value added tax 

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