Feya Bridal

Take a look at the bridal collections of wedding dresses designed by Feya Bridal in these albums.

FeyaBridal is situated in Chernivtsi city in Ukraine. It was established in 2001 by owner Volos Nadia who is the owner of Feya trademark. FeyaBridal has 2 flagship stores in Chernivtsi and Kyiv and it has many stockists in several countries around the world including Switzerland, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Jordan, UAE and Australia. 

Feya Bridal team does not want to put up with the commonplace ideas of wedding dresses and aims at creating not just high-quality and stylish wedding outfits of the first class, but also at inventing exclusive and unique clothes with their charm and character.

The founders of the company believe that genuine style is not about the place and time. It is more than just the aesthetical choice, Feya Bridal wedding dresses are the lifestyle. The creative and professional approach to business has helped the company gain recognition not just in Ukraine, but be a well-known brand in a lot of countries worldwide. FeyaBridal never compromises between the quality and the work it puts into these dresses.

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