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Bridal Tip: Fragrance Your Hair with Saudi Mekhmaria

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Bridal Tip: Fragrance Your Hair with Saudi Mekhmaria

Mekhmaria, is a popular fragrance among women in the Gulf Region, especially Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Women use Mekhmaria to fragrance their hair and body, as it lasts for a long period of time.

What is great about the traditional Mekhmaria is that it is made of natural ingredients and is alcohol free, so it is safe to use no matter how sensitive your skin is.

How to use Mekhmaria?

Mekhmaria is a cream-like substance that can be made out of roses, rose water, glycerin, and oils.

The fragrance of the Mekhmaria differs depending on the oils or roses used in it.

Take a dab of Mekhmaria in your hands, rub it to warm it up a little, and spread it on your hair tips, behind your ears, and body.

So why not stand out on your wedding day by smelling heavenly and fresh with Mekhmaria?

Mekhmaria is so natural that it can be done at home without any trouble!

Here is one of the easiest recipes for the traditional Mekhmaria:

  • Vaseline
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Your choice of scented oil, such as lavender
  • Melt the Vaseline and mix in the oils, then save it in a container to harden

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