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A Fairy Tale Honeymoon at Chefchaouen Morocco

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A Fairy Tale Honeymoon at Chefchaouen Morocco

If you're looking for a unique and very different honeymoon destination, you will fall in love with this one. Chefchaaouen was established in 1471, when Moorish and Jewish people fled to escape the Reconquista of Spain.

Chefchaouen, also known as the "Blue City," is a beautiful city in northern Morocco. It is situated in the Rif Mountains, just inland from Tangier and Tetouan.

The city has stunning architecture and is famous for its vibrant blue homes and walls. 

Chefchaouen, Morocco, is colored blue, and the citizens have a strong love for this color.

The buildings and homes have a historic Andalusian style, which will take your breath away.

Chefchaouen in Morocco encompasses numerous attractions, with a variety of tourist destinations that make it a hotspot for many visitors. Among these attractions are waterfalls, natural sites, and historical landmarks, all contributing to Chefchaouen's appeal as a desirable destination.

What activities can you engage in within the enchanting city of Chefchaouen? Here is information about the city, along with recommendations for landmarks in Chefchaouen that we advise you to visit:

Al Kasbah

Al Kasbah

The Kasbah of Chefchaouen is a historical fortress located in the city of Chefchaouen, belonging to the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region in northern Morocco. Constructed in the year 1471 by Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami, the founder of the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen and a descendant of the Almohad dynasty, and the Sufi scholar Abdul Salam ibn Mashish.

Situated in the western part of the city, the Kasbah is surrounded by walls with ten towers, embodying the Andalusian architectural style in its construction. Meanwhile, the ethnographic museum occupies the northwestern part of the Kasbah. This building follows the design of traditional Moroccan houses, featuring an open inner courtyard with a central water fountain, surrounded by corridors and rooms, in addition to an upper floor.

Uta El Hamam

Uta El Hamam

Wataa Al-Hamam Square is a public square in the old city, initially designed to serve as the location for a weekly market attended by residents from the suburbs and the city. However, the square's current function has evolved from a weekly market to a tourist destination, adorned with cafes and a beautiful water fountain.

Wataa Al-Hamam Square is one of the places you must visit if you wish to familiarize yourself with the culture, civilization, and authentic aspects of the city's history through the buildings and landmarks it encompasses. The square invites you to immerse yourself in the charm of the town and interact with its delightful locals.

Old City and Medina

Old City and Medina

If you are a fan of traditional markets, this place will be enjoyable for you! It is the perfect spot to purchase some traditional souvenir gifts and stroll through the maze-like streets.

The old city of Chefchaouen is considered one of the most beautiful places in Morocco as a whole. It is a unique historical city, built in 1400 to combat Portuguese invaders.

People from all over the world travel to visit and capture the most beautiful souvenir photos in its corners. You can witness various shades of blue painted on the facades of its houses, mosques, restaurants, shops, doors, windows, and flower pots scattered throughout.

Cascades d’Akchour

Cascades d’Akchour

When you visit Chefchaouen, you must certainly explore these captivating waterfalls and relish the clear blue waters. You can even enjoy swimming in the rock pools.

Akchour Waterfalls are among the most beautiful tourist spots in Chefchaouen, located in Talassemtane National Park. The falls consist of a lower cascade resembling a small lake and another at a higher altitude, descending from the heart of the mountains.

The charms of Akchour extend beyond its enchanting nature, as it possesses a heritage area that attracts many to witness its splendor, namely the Talassemtane National Park. This natural reserve features the last remaining rare cedar forests. You can explore the park and delight in its magnificent landmarks.


Souika Neighbourhood

The Souika neighborhood in Chefchaouen is one of the famous landmarks of the city and is considered the second oldest residential cluster within Chefchaouen. It houses some of the oldest homes in the city, dating back to Andalusian families who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time.

The Souika neighborhood is characterized by the dominance of the white and blue colors, mirroring the overall aesthetic of Chefchaouen, making it a comfortable place for strolling and relaxation. The neighborhood also stands out with a large number of shops and stalls selling local products.

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