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Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More

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Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More

These days, grooms are paying a little more attention to their wedding band rings, they are choosing more elegant and unique styles that show off their personalities and tastes. But choosing a ring can be as overwhelming and confusing for the groom as it is for the bride. 

Traditionally, the groom is the one who buys his partner the wedding or engagement ring, but nowadays there are no rules, the couple can pick their rings together, or one can surprise the other with a wedding ring that suits his/her style and personality.

If you are a groom who is looking for the perfect wedding ring, you don't have to settle for anything traditional if you don't want to, remember that you will be wearing this ring with most of your outfits and to all of your events, so you want to choose a ring design and color that compliments your style and lifestyle in general.

Men’s wedding rings are usually gold or silver, with a simple unadorned design, platinum is also a popular choice.

No matter what your style remember that you can go simple or fancy depending on what you usually like to wear, to start you have to get to know the metals of the wedding bands, styles, and designs.

To help you out we have all the details you need to know and we have also some beautiful and elegant ring ideas to give you some inspiration.

Styles and Designs

Men's wedding and engagement rings are usually simpler than women's and don't include elaborate designs, most men choose a plain band with one or sometimes two colors or tones.

Engraving the inside of the ring with a message, name, date, or even symbol is a great way to personalize a ring.

Although most men choose a simple design, there are some grooms who like something a little bit more unique, some men even choose to add a small diamond or precious stones to their wedding ring.

Another detail to consider is the finishing, whether polished, satin, matt, brushed or hammered.

  • A polished band had a shiny appearance.
  • A hammered finish has a visually intriguing, textured look. They are perfect for grooms who prefer the non-shiny, rugged look.
  • A matt finish is not shiny but gives an overall softening effect. Grooms who prefer classic wedding bands usually go for a matt finish.
  • A wedding ring combining two finishes, for example, rings that feature contrast and texture, creating an interesting look.

The Right Fit

Because men are usually not used to wear rings like women it might be a bit difficult to find a fit that they feel comfortable or familiar with.

Trying on different ring designs, cuts, with different widths is a great idea before deciding on anything else.

Gold Rings

Gold metal wedding rings are some of the most popular metals, 

Remember that pure gold (24Karat) is soft, easily deformed, but high-quality gold rings are 18 karats, meaning that 18/24 or three-quarters of the alloy is gold.

A gold ring is always a perfect choice as it is timeless and classic and it doesn't tarnish.

If you are not a fan of the yellow gold color, you can always go for white gold, and still, get the great quality but with the color of your choice.

Platinum Rings

Platinum is a great choice for wedding bands that will be worn daily and need to be durable. Platinum is the strongest and most durable metal, this is why platinum wedding rings for men are highly popular among men these days.

Platinum wedding rings don't tarnish, and if they get scratched they can easily be polished back. If you want a gemstone set into your ring, platinum will hold it better and be less prone to breakages than gold or silver.

Titanium Rings

If you are looking for another strong and durable wedding ring metal, titanium is a great choice. It is also lustrous and has a very nice appearance.

It is also known to be lighter than other metals but also has a very high weight ratio.

Titanium rings come in black and grey and can come in matte or high-gloss finishes.

But its high strength means a titanium ring can’t be resized.

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling silver is a classic and timeless choice, and silver has been used for making rings for at least 4,500 years.

Silver rings are also less expensive than gold or other metals, usually, 92.5% of the metal is actual silver with the remainder made up of copper. 

Silver wedding rings are strong and have a beautiful shine, for someone looking for a classic ring.

Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
Men's Rings: Platinum, Titanium and More
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