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Perfect Spots to Apply Your Perfume on Your Wedding Day

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Perfect Spots to Apply Your Perfume On Your Wedding Day

The goal on your wedding day is to make your perfume last as long as possible, so what are the best spots to apply your perfume?

There are lesser-known body parts that you should be spraying your perfume on, which will keep your perfume smelling great all day long.

These are the spots where you should spray the perfume on:

Behind Your Ears: Your ears are considered to be pulse points, so they generate more heat and emphasize your perfume.

Inside Your Elbows:  This is considered another pulse point.

Your Belly Button: Liv Tyler swears by this trick! "I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button," she told Into the Gloss.

Your Hair: Spray some perfume on your hairbrush so that it will spread the scent more evenly.

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