The Pronovias Spring 2020 Wedding Dresses

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The Pronovias Spring 2020 Wedding Dresses

Pronovias created a wide range of styles in just one collection titled "Beyond the Stars." Complete with subtle embellishments, reinvented silhouettes, and occasional pops of color such as navy blue.

The Pronovias spring 2020 wedding dresses are for every bride, there are timeless and elegant dresses, as well as sexy and modern wedding dresses.

What makes this collection so special is the weightless fabrics used in designing the wedding dresses, as they debuted a new textile which they called Crepe Couture.

The collection also features embroidered handmade tulle lace, puffed sleeves, and oversized bows.

Take a look at this beautiful Pronovias spring 2020 wedding dress collection!