Romantic Things To Do in Dubai

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Romantic Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai, a place of luxury and love, is a magical experience; amidst grand hotels and beautiful candlelight dinners, we get comfort and love packed in with us. Things become a little more interesting and serve us a completely different episode, one that comprises flowers, candles, love, grandeur, extravagance, and lighting. A beautiful view from the tallest city building with your lover is no less a romantic experience; proposing to someone in that beautiful view is a mixture of love, luxury, and beauty. A beautiful place to visit and travel that makes one all pink out of blushing.

Is it just romantic dinners that Dubai has to offer you? The clear answer is no; from beaches to romantic adventures. There has to be a reason why it is regarded as one of the most visited honeymoon places around the world. Dubai does not fail to give us a touch of comfort shielded with luxury and beauty. The streets are adorned with gold, sports cars, fancy restaurants, and a mesmerizing vibe. This place would not fail to boost your enthusiasm and kindle a feeling of an explorer with a lover. Here are a few of those romantic places that will make your heart crave Dubai more than ever.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Want to know what an exotic dinner date with a partner should look like? Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is an answer to that question. The award-winning floating restaurant of Dubai does not fail to win your heart with its beautiful and magical vibe that makes one laugh, giggle and just fall in love all over again, not just with the partner but with this rare beautiful experience. Here numerous delicacies are served with live performances that add glitter to this luxurious experience.

This has to be a place where the served dinner is one that one desires in their dreams. This place is a combination of rare and wishful things; it serves us uncompromisingly tasty food, beautiful performances and a magnificent infrastructure all in one platter. If you are confused about where to go on a date with your partner in Dubai, this place is a must go.

Burj Khalifa

How would it be on the top of the world and that isn't metaphorically but literally on the top of the world in a building that has been decorated with the most attractive lightings and a place where lovers just get lost with that beautiful view together. This might sound unrealistic, but Burj Khalifa in Dubai makes this unrealistic sounding wish an actual reality.

The world's tallest building welcomes you with your lover to adore the beautiful city with the love of your life. And the experience that will always stay within one's heart. It is a 200 plus storey building, and it might break your neck to look at it from the ground. Many online ticketing can provide you Burj Khalifa tickets at discounted prices.

The Dubai Fountain

One just wishes for something this romantic to happen to them. It is a fountain as tall as a 50 storey building that is nearly 500 feet tall, and watching it with your lover and waiting for those water droplets to drizzle on you while you both smile. This is one place that makes a lover's heart all bouncy and fun.

This is the kind of place where you can expect a mixture of love and fun. Something that can not be experienced everywhere and a visit that would be out of the box and yet the best and the most beautiful indeed.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

This is one of the most visited and fascinating places in Dubai, an aquarium that makes you walk through the canopy of water all around you with varieties of fishes and aquatic animals that are just once a lifetime watch. This surely is one of the most romantic experiences that one can ever encounter and mostly because of the way the aquarium is built and the lighting held. The underwater zoo comprises penguins and many such aquatic animals.

This is one of the world's largest aquariums which holds around 10 million litres of water with the widest variety of aquatic animals that you can experience once you purchase your Dubai Aquarium tickets.

Burj Al Arab

A place is known for its infrastructure and location, one which helps the lovers find peace and tranquillity. Burj al Arab is regarded as one such place known for its most extraordinary breakfasts and the view that it gives to the visitors.

The fascinating thing about it is its bar, which has been praised by almost everyone that visits this place. So if you visit Dubai, do not forget to grab your breakfast from this luxurious hotel. 

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