Tips to Help You Go to The Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress

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Tips to Help You Go to The Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress

Brides usually worry about going to the toilet in their wedding dress especially if it is a big gown. 

No matter what your wedding dress style is, you will need some help to go the bathroom on your wedding day.

Your bridesmaids, friends, or sister, can help you make the process much easier.

There are many ways and techniques that can help you when you need to use the bathroom in a wedding dress:

A Little Help: Ask 2 of your bridesmaids to hold each side of your dress and lift it up so you can squat.

Sit Backwards: If you have a long train or veil, sitting on the toilet seat backwards with your face to the wall is a great way to keep your train and veil in a good condition.

Take It Off: If your dress can be easily taken off rather than lifted by 2 ladies, then take your dress off carefully and use the bathroom.

The Trash Bag: Yes, a trash bag can be your savior on your wedding day! How? By using a new and clean trash bag, make a whole at the bottom, step inside the bag, pull up the bag and start loading your dress in it.