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A Vivid Tribal Bohemian Pre-Wedding Party in Jordan

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A Vivid Tribal Bohemian Pre-Wedding Party in Jordan

A wonderful pre-wedding party took place in Madaba, south of Amman - Jordan, which was designed and planned by the amazing team of My Event Design. The unique theme of this beautiful celebration was tribal by all means! 

Boho-chic designs were all over the place; from table centerpieces to visual screens, dream catchers, teepees, and many other accents as you'll see in the pictures below.

Starting with the entrance, My Event Design took the entrance to a whole new bohemian level! As you walk inside the party under wooden teepee-like frames and on rolled up tribal carpets and woolen rugs, you'll notice the tables which were decorated with over-sized vibrant centerpieces made from different colors, textures, and dried luscious blooms. African proteas, anthurium and other tropical flowers in red, orange, blue and other vibrant colors were used in the flower arrangements and in vases of different lengths and sizes. 

Rustic-wooden tents were built from scratch and adorned with fairy lights to give them that magical and romantic look! Hanging artistic pieces in vivid colors added a charm to this tribal-themed event. 

The lovely Jordanian couple definitely celebrated in the most tribal and unique way with many of their friends and families who took the theme to heart and wore some of the most beautiful tribal designs.