The Wedding Halls at Al Masah Hotel in Cairo

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The Wedding Halls at Al Masah Hotel in Cairo

Under the management of the Egyptian Armed Forces; Al Masah Hotel was built in 2006 on an area of 35,000 square meters in a strategic location in the heart of Cairo which features privacy and tranquility, just a few kilometers away from Cairo International Airport and half distance between all vital places in the capital. 

As a complement to the success of the first phase on all fields and as part of the Egyptian armed forces expansions, Al Masah's second phase was established in 2014, to complement the armed forces system to become one of the largest hotels in Egypt and the highest level of hospitality and luxury that surpasses all dreams and wishes. 

The wedding halls at Al Masah Hotel are designed to suit the needs of weddings from the smallest to the largest. The team is always keen to take care of the details to ensure you always have a happy experience when choosing one of the finest wedding halls in Cairo.

Al Masah Hotel has 9 halls, which are used for several occasions, meetings, conferences and other events. The Hall of Andalusia is one of the largest conference rooms in Cairo, with an area of 1913 square meters, which can accommodate 2,500 people. It also has a 70 square meter theater and a buffet area of 709 square meters with a total area of 2692 square meters.

Here we present 6 halls suitable for your wedding and other social events:

The Emerald Hall

If you're looking for luxury and elegance, The Emerald Ballroom is for you! It is where the warmth and beauty meet, the chandeliers and carpets come together to form a luxurious fancy night. There is harmony in mixing silver color with white and purple which gives warmth and beauty that reflects confidence to make your wedding unique characterized by the utmost sophistication. Celebrate your wedding at the Emerald hall and start your new life with an unforgettable night.

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Al Zomorda Hall

If you are dreaming of having a wedding ceremony that features the utmost sophistication and luxury, what you need is to close your eyes and dream to find Al Masah team in charge to turn your dream to a concrete reality. Al Zomoroda Ballroom, is one of the most prestigious halls, where elegance meets excellent cuisine and high service quality.

The Andalusite Hall

Feel like you are in a historical story and you are about to have a legend wedding ceremony, dazzling all the invitees and your wedding will remain stuck in their memories. Andalusite wedding hall will enrich your special night with charm and make it unforgettable, where art and luxury meet witnessing the most prestigious weddings and events served by Al Masah Hotel's expertise that turns things into magic. Andalusite is considered one of the largest ballrooms in Cairo and able to accommodate up to 1,200 people at tables. Moreover, there are 15 balconies in the second floor which are normally used for celebrity/VIP guests to ensure maximum amount of privacy.

The Larimar Hall

Just make a wish, dream about whatever you want, and you will find it here at the twelve-chair Larimar hall, where complete privacy and security form the exact state that you need for your important negotiations and talks. The hall is decorated in blue and white as experts unanimously agreed that they rise atmosphere of comfort and clarity of mind that help in carrying out successful discussions.

Al Loaloa Hall

Don’t you want your wedding to have a magical touch with a distinctive elegance, to live a romantic stunning atmosphere? You will not find a place as beautiful as Al Loaloa Ballroom where you will get the opportunity to live splendid moments in an elegant atmosphere. The wedding ballroom features luxurious chandeliers with lighting effects to highlight the beauty of the ceiling decorations, not to mention the golden hues on all fabrics and paintings to give a classy and elegant feel.

Al Zahabia Hall

Al Zahabia hall specially developed for your upscale meetings and events. Al Masah hotel group were keen while designing the hall on the elegancy of this room starting from selecting its name till choosing the decors and furniture. The room features a discreet, retractable projection screen, as well a sound and light facilities.

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