Lebanese Zaffe

Here's a selection of some popular Lebanese zaffe and songs to select for your wedding. The full list of wedding songs is available in this section

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    A Lebanese zaffe is a traditional element to any Lebanese wedding whether it is held in Lebanon or abroad. It is a performance made up of several members of a zaffe group, dancers and drummers in traditional costumes, who escort the bride and groom into the main wedding reception leading them to the dance floor. Traditional folkloric Lebanese songs form the core of the zaffe music accompanied sometimes with live singing. As soon as the zaffe is over (15 minutes or so) the first dance of the bride and groom begins.

    Lebanese zaffe is also commissioned at the bride's house prior to the wedding ceremony or reception. As the bride leaves her parents house in her wedding dress accompanied by her bridesmaids, family, and close friends, the zaffe group welcomes her with traditional music and drums and walk her to the wedding car.