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Hany El Behairy

Take a look at the bridal collections of wedding dresses designed by Hany El Behairy in these albums.

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As one of the greatest designers of Haute Couture in the Middle East region, Hany Elbehairy has been working in this field since he was 15 years old. Since the beginning of his career, Hany has been trying to view the Oriental Woman with all her sense and beauty to turn her into a symphony of music that has its unique impression, the matter which led to the revolution ofthe western vision to the Oriental woman in her fie sense and creation.

He has always shown traces of his artistic skills ever since he was a youngboy. He always loved colors and was intrigued by its compositions. He worked on inventing his own palette of colors. Despite studying at and graduating from faculty of law, he gave in to the talent that surged inside him and he was unable to resist its urges irresistible passion drove him todevelop himself with studies in this field until he deservingly attained the trust of the Arab and oriental woman.

He participated in many Arabic and International festivals in the field of fashion design, he was also awarded the prize of the "Best Fashion Designer (Haute couture) in the Middle East and he contributed with his distinctive designs to the globalization in Europe.

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