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Are you getting married soon and looking for cake shops in Kuwait? Find the best cakes in Kuwait in this comprehensive directory and connect with them easily. 

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Are you getting married soon and looking for cake shops in Kuwait? In many instances, wedding cakes are provided by the wedding venue as part of the wedding package that you book. These cakes are mostly fake cakes apart from a single tier which is a real cake. If you opt to order a wedding cake from a specialized cake shop in Kuwait, then you will find this directory of cakes in Kuwait quite useful. 

In this directory, we compiled a list of the best cake shops in Kuwait whom you can contact through a click of a button. If you need a shortcut, we suggest you check out this list first: Top 9 Wedding Cake Shops in Kuwait.

Before you order your wedding cake, you need to have in mind certain questions to ask the cake shop or wedding cake bakers, such as the size, flavor, decoration, price and lots more.  Here are 8 useful questions that you should ask for wedding cake shops in Kuwait before you make the down payment: 

8 Useful Questions to Ask Wedding Cake Shops:

  1. After discussing your own interests, preferences and wedding theme with the cake shop, ask them for their own cake design ideas and for the hottest trends in wedding cakes at the moment.
  2. Ask what cake flavor, filling and frosting do they offer. Ask about the ingredients used by them and ask to taste different cake flavors. The two most common flavors include fruitcake and vanilla but you don’t need to restrict yourself to these.  
  3. Ask the baker about their experience and ask to see some pictures or a slideshow of recent cakes made by the baker.
  4. Ask about the price, payment terms and delivery. If you have set a specific budget for the cake, ask if they could work within it. Make sure that the price includes delivery to the wedding reception site. "Easy Trick To Help You Save Money On Your Wedding Day"
  5. Ask what cake topper ideas the baker has and if the price quoted includes that. Sometimes, cake toppers are extra. Be creative with your cake topper.
  6. Ask if you could mix real cake tiers and fake ones if you are having a big cake. Make sure the top tier is a real cake in order to take it away with you and enjoy it on your first anniversary.
  7. If you are designing the cake with fresh flowers ask if the baker will provide the flowers or whether you need to coordinate that with your florist.
  8. Ask about their policy regarding refunds and cancellations, just in case you change your mind. 

When you are deciding on the wedding cake, you also need to consider the wedding cake flavor, wedding cake icing, the wedding cake topper, and other factors.