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Tabuk, also spelled Tabouk, is the capital city of the Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia.  Tabuk shares a generous coastline with the Red Sea and also shares a border with Jordan. Egypt is also a close neighbor with only the Gulf of Aqaba between the two. Fahad bin Sultan has been the governor of Tabuk since 1987. The capital of Tabuk province is the city of Tabuk. It is an oasis city with great archeological sites as well as all the modern amenities that make it a great place for residents and visitors alike. A number of multibillion-dollar megaprojects are in progress with the aim to make Tabuk province one of the leading travel destinations in the world.

Tabuk province is a rapidly growing tourist hotspot. Being one of the most historically rich areas while also having the flawless geography and climate makes it a tourist favorite. The Saudi Government under Vision 2030 has planned a number of different projects like the Red Sea Project. This sustainable, regenerative project seeks to attract global tourism to the pristine shores of the Red Sea.

Other projects in the region include the ultra-luxury destination AMAALA and the $500 billion city of the future, NEOM. Neom is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and to function as a tourist destination.