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Beauty Bummers on Your Wedding Day

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Beauty Bummers on Your Wedding Day

We’ve all been there, wedding day or not. That moment when something goes wrong, (or when you realize that it’s going to go wrong) and no matter how small it might be, it could still ruin your night.

Now that it’s your wedding, you have your dress, hair and make up all set, but unfortunately, unpleasant surprises may occur. We are crossing our fingers that you don’t face any of these issues that could bum you out, but if you do… here’s what you could do.

Bummer #1: You danced for only 30 minutes, and when you looked in the mirror, your make up seems to have already faded, and worse yet… your face looks oily!

Solution: You need to look for a make up primer that doesn’t have any oil or silicone in it. It will act as a sponge for your foundation; making sure it stays in place and doesn’t slip off your skin.


Bummer #2: You’ve showered first thing in the morning. But now that you went from hair appointment, to make up appointment, to dress fitting, your deodorant doesn’t seem to be doing its job the way you had hoped!

Solution: You need a clinical strength deodorant. (Arabia Weddings likes Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.) Apply it the night before your wedding on your underarms and even on other areas that are prone to sweat.


Bummer #3: You want to eventually change into a more comfortable party dress and out of your wedding gown, but you don’t want the make up to ruin either dress. 

Solution: Opt for an oil-free, long-lasting foundation that is specially designed to stay in place by absorbing oil and locking in any moisture.


Bummer #4: With all the planning for the big day, you’ve been having way more coffee than you should, and that’s taken a toll on your beautiful teeth. Eek!

Solution: You should visit your dentist a few weeks before the wedding to make sure you get the proper cleaning. What you can also do before the big day is use an at-home tooth-whitening kit such as the Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal.


Bummer #5: You want to grow your hair before the big day so you’ve left it with no cut or trim for quite a few months. Now with the wedding approaching, you’re noticing some serious split ends!  

Solution: Apply a light silicone-based formula to your hair before styling so that the ends won’t flip up. But be sure to use it only on the very ends, especially if you have oily hair.


Bummer #6: It’s not exactly a bummer that you’ve been working out and shaping up before the big day. But with all the exercise and sweating comes skin breakouts on your back and chest.

Solution: You need to use an antibacterial soap after each workout session, and make sure you keep an oil-free acne spray handy. This will help keep your skin balanced, and hopefully prevent any future breakouts.


Bummer #7: You realize that for the few weeks before your wedding, all you’ve been doing is standing on your feet! Running around between appointments, wedding planning, dance lessons and dinner parties have all taken their toll on your feet. Now your feet are not looking their best for the possibility of open-toe wedding shoes, or a honeymoon by the beach!  

Solution: Before you get out of the shower, rub an exfoliant onto your feet to remove dead skin and rinse it off. After you dry your feet, apply a heavy lotion and wear thick cotton socks to lock in the moisture.


Bummer #8: You’ve been trying to get a little bit of tan before the big day. But now, a few days before your wedding day, you notice some scary stripes! (Tan lines that is!)  

Solution: Try to even out your skin color using a natural bronzer, which will give you an overall tan. But be sure to apply it after you’ve put on your wedding gown to avoid smudging!


Bummer #9: You got yourself a beautiful manicure the day before the wedding. But somehow, the polish has been chipped! And there’s no time to redo it now that you’re already on the way to the wedding!

Solution: Call one of your trusted bridesmaids and have her bring your nail polish to the ceremony for a quick touch up. Be sure not to try to attempt one on your own while you are in the car. A bumpy ride can make matters way worse!


Bummer #10: Every bride’s biggest beauty bummer! A pimple on your wedding day; my-big-fat-greek-wedding style! And worse yet, picking at it has made it look even worse!  

Solution: You need to instantly dab antibiotic cream on it the moment you realize your skin is breaking out. Avoid using any acne creams as they will dry out your skin and make the pimple resist cover up!


And always remember, our beautiful bride, that you notice these mishaps way more than everyone else around you does. So let go, let loose and enjoy the party!