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Hair Extensions for the Bride

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Hair Extensions for the Bride

Many brides dream of the perfect bridal hairstyle on their wedding day, so many brides decide to have hair extensions on their wedding night. If you think that hair extension will make you look fake on your wedding day, think again. With today's technology and treatments, hair extensions can look very natural, especially if you have a professional hairdresser who knows how to not overdo it!

Many women have beautiful hair but not thick enough. Adding hair extensions will make your hair look thicker, voluptuous, and longer if you want it to.

Adding extensions will give you more options to style your hair and will help your hairdresser create different new looks for you to choose from.

One of the pros of hair extensions is that you can wear your hair however you want, and dye it in any color you desire without ruining your natural hair.

How do you get hair extensions? Well, you have many options; you can find hair extensions at any salon these days, and you can either buy them or rent them (they are also cut and dyed to suit your hair). You can also buy them at specialized stores for wigs and extensions. Another great option is if you have long hair and decide to get a cut, let your hairdresser keep them for you and make you your own extensions.

Remember that extensions are either human hair or synthetic; you should definitely ask your hairdresser for your options. 



Hair Extensions

How are hair extensions applied?

  • Fusion: Using a special thermal clamping device to fuse individual strands of hair. This method makes the extensions last for about 5 months.
  • Wefts: Making a small braid around the crown of your head, and hair strands are sewn into the braid. This method will last for 8 weeks.
  • Seamless Tape: Very easy to apply, by heating the tape at the top of the extension with an iron or hairdryer, and applying the sticky side on the roots.
  • Ring: By inserting a small section of your hair into a ring hair extension using a special tool.
  • Clip Ons: Clip-on extensions are very flexible to deal with and easy to apply.


Hair Extensions

Brushing and Combing Your Hair

  • Use your fingers to sort through your hair extensions from the roots to the ends regularly.
  • Carefully brush your hair every day. Always hold onto the roots of your own hair while brushing. Avoid pulling on the hair extensions.
  • You can brush your hair when it's fully dry or when you are in the shower and have your conditioner on.
  • Always tie your hair together in a low ponytail or put it in a braid before you go to sleep or exercise in order to prevent your Hair extensions from matting and tangling.


Swimming with Extensions

Swimming with Hair Extensions

Swimming can make your extensions sticky. Always protect your hair extensions from salt water and pool water by applying a leave-in conditioner or mask before swimming. Use a swimming cap if you can

Make sure you dry your hair immediately after your finish swimming.

Hair Care

More Tips:

  • Before you install your hair extensions make sure your hair is clean and tangle-free.
  • Avoid all products that contain alcohol such as dry shampoo.
  • Make an appointment every 6 weeks to maintain your extensions.
  • Don't remove your hair extensions by yourself let the experts take care of it.


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