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A Couple’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flowers

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A Couple’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Weddings are big life milestones that people experience once in their lives. And so, every couple usually wants nothing but the best for this special occasion. Every detail of the celebration must be perfect and flawless according to their plan. And one important wedding element is, of course, the flowers. 

Flowers play a significant role in a wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, they transform a plain space into the most beautiful venue for the newly-wedded couple and the guests. However, before achieving such results, it’s vital to know the process of choosing the perfect blooms. 

Consider this guide for you and your partner as you decide on your wedding flowers.


1. Set A Budget and Follow Through

Like any other components of your wedding, it’s important to set a budget for the flowers to be able to organize your finances. You can determine how much and what kind of flowers you choose by creating a floral budget. Most couples start with this step first and foremost. However, the amount can vary depending on the couple’s wedding size, theme, venue, and so on.  

No floral budget is too small or too big for anyone to judge. The budget must match the wedding you’re planning to hold. But before setting a floral budget, it pays to know how much the costs of wedding flower packages are. You can start by getting estimates from flower delivery companies, such as The Wild Rose florist, and other vendors you want to inquire from. Asking estimates will allow you to know how much bouquets and garlands cost at this point.    

The right florals can make all the difference. When your florals are on point, you don't need much else in the way of décor. The key is to determine how many flowers you want to use for decorations at the ceremony and the reception, and from there, you can determine how much they should cost and how much you can afford.   

Wedding Flowers

2. Approach a Reputable Florist

It’s time to start selecting a reputable florist to work with once you set your budget. Your wedding florist must understand your vision. Choose someone whom you can share your dreams and wedding goals with. The couple should agree on which florist to go for. And since it’s a unanimous decision, no one can blame the other when things go downhill. 

Choosing the florist is a crucial step because they are the ones who will make your flower-filled dreams come true, so make sure you're on the same page from the beginning. Read reviews about them, talk to their customers, and check their works and portfolio. With that, you’ll be able to learn the way they work through these details. 

If you want the best flowers for your wedding, you should hire the best florist. Entrusting your flowers to a florist will avoid unnecessary frustration and inconvenience, helping you plan quickly for your wedding. Your wedding flowers will be exactly what you want. They will also ensure to remain fresh until the end of the day. Your wedding florist must understand your vision.


Image: Behind Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Wedding on Dubai Bling


3. Get Inspiration

Despite working with florists who are professional with their craft, it pays to get inspiration elsewhere. Determine what theme or kinds of floral arrangements you and your partner want. At this point, it would be helpful to create a mood board. You can do various research on social media, blogs, and other resources and collate all inspirations.  

You will discover what you like and dislike by doing research. The prettiest floral arrangements are made with a mixture of sizes and shapes. Identify your style preferences and narrow down your search. You can guide the florist and show them your inspiration. While doing this collaboration, also be open to their suggestions and advice because they’ve been in the industry for too long; they know what they’re doing. 


Image: A Midnight Fantasy Wedding in Saudi Arabia

4. Consider The Venue

The couple needs to consider the venue to match the best flowers to the place. Floral arrangements and designs can add life and light to a small venue or make a large room feel intimate. The thing is, there are a lot of outcomes that the flowers can influence. 

It’s important to match the venue and flowers’ color palettes together. Choosing blooms that complement your venue's décor will prevent clashes in colors or textures. From the centerpieces to the arc and other decorative elements, they should all come with similar and matching hues. 


Image: An Ethereal Summer Fairytale Wedding at The Dead Sea


5. Be Aware of Available Flowers

Wedding flowers come in diverse species and kinds. It would help to know what flowers are in season during your wedding month. You can check this with your florist. Ask whether your desired roses, lilies, or orchids bloom during your wedding season. Going for too seasonal flowers may be more challenging and expensive. 

Research thoroughly before making any decisions. It will provide you with sufficient background information about which types of flowers bloom in which season. Thus, you can also ask for advice from your florist about the flowers in bloom at that moment.  


While this advice can help couples decide on their wedding flowers, remember to trust your instinct and guts. Remember to do a lot of research and get inspiration from others. Always have an open mind, even if your mind is set on your dream wedding. Having a flexible way of thinking can help you achieve a more successful wedding in the end. 


Image: A Fall Colored Wedding in Bahrain

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