Elisabetta Polignano's 2020 Wedding Dress Collection

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Elisabetta Polignano's 2020 Wedding Dress Collection

After the tribute of the 2019 collections to a few of the women who wrote some pages in the history books, Elisabetta Polignano has designed her new collections inspired by the contemporary female figure, the up and coming generations. She celebrates the woman of today: strong and gritty, but also a romantic dreamer, in whom diverse nuances coexist and who, more and more often, is already a mother when she marries. A woman who experiences change and isin continuous transformation; who knows how to treasure the values that were handed down to her, and who desires a better future for her children and fights to achieve it.

Elisabetta Polignano launched her 2020 wedding dress collections at Si Sposaitalia Italia in Milan, the trendiest event for wedding wear for both the bride and the groom, occasion wear and accessories, which was held at Fieramilanocity in Milan from 5 to 8 April 2019. 

This new campaign claiming purity and prestige aims at highlighting the excellence of an event, which focuses on the quality and creativity of its couturiers. Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is the ideal showcase for industry operators to catch new trends and do business. 

The ritual of preparing the bride, which is present in every culture in the world, becomes a colorful dialog with nature, a romanticand contemporary, all-female tale, written by more than one author, in which mother and daughter are closer than ever. It is the story of a wonderfully complex woman, who can be wise yet light, who does not fear change and is ready totransform herself, fully living the sacredness of matrimony, and also the story ofthe love of play and lightness. In a word: life.

This is why the gowns of the 2020 Collections relate the story of life and nature, harmonizing the different souls of every bride – her being both mother and daughter – and the nuances present in every woman, whateverher historical context of reference. They are inspired by the lightness of air. They celebrate the sacredness of marriage, without sacrificing haute couture elegance and originalitywith structured garments.