An Exclusive Interview with Photographer Sara Sganga

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An Exclusive Interview with Photographer Sara Sganga

Sara Sganga specializes in cinematic photography direction; she is the very young founder of the Italian Sara Sganga Studio.

In 2022, Sara won Italy Photographer of the Year and was among the Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in the World.

She currently works on opulent weddings and exclusive training sessions in Italy and throughout the world, always looking for emotive, impactful, and creative photos.

And because Sara is a sensitive and artistic person, she never forgets the little details of the wedding pictures she captures and looks for beauty in every detail.

We had the chance to ask Sara Sganga a few questions and here is what she had to say.


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Destination weddings often come with unique challenges and opportunities. Can you share some examples of how your experience and expertise specifically cater to couples planning their destination weddings?

I am honored and super happy to be among the best photographers in Italy and in the world, as many greatest colleagues of mine are. 

This leads me to have a lot of visibility in the international wedding scene. We have held weddings in Mexico, Tunisia, Los Angeles, Germany, Switzerland... the next destinations are equally splendid but we keep them top secret. The couples who choose a destination photographer especially from Italy, look for something unique and recognize the great artistic potential that an Italian photographer brings with him.

After all, Italy is the cradle of art! It is not easy for couples to organize a destination wedding, in fact, my greatest advice is to choose a good wedding planner who, in addition to simplifying the work, will help them to know how to manage their investment budget well, to understand what the priorities are, and to make the couple sleep peacefully.

Sara Photography

How do you leverage your local knowledge of Italy to identify picturesque backdrops and hidden gems that enhance the wedding photography experience for couples?

When we carry out photo shoots in iconic places such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Lake Como, Sicily, Puglia etc. we already know the area perfectly, but when it is a new destination for us, we always do an inspection to understand which are the best corners to exploit and not waste too much time during the shooting.

Our couples trust us completely and our goal is to return the photographs with a studied light, as similar as possible to painting, or with a film atmosphere.


How do you facilitate effective communication and coordination with couples who may be planning their wedding from abroad, ensuring all their specific needs and preferences are met? 

I'm not a wedding planner but I am a photographer, and I often find myself giving lots of logistical, style and itinerary advice. To make my couples (especially foreign ones) as stress free as possible, I always consider myself available via email and available to make as many video calls as possible.

The relationship with the wedding photographer never ends, those photographs will live forever through generations: it is therefore important to establish a connection between the spouses and the photographer. Only in this way can magic happen.

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