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The Beautiful 2019 Wedding Dresses by Diane Legrand

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The Beautiful 2019 Wedding Dresses by Diane Legrand

Founded in 2005, Euro Mode Donner Ltd​ of Germany​ offers a variety of designs from each of its ​bridal ​collections.​

Under the name "Vistamar by Diane Legrand" the ​photoshoot of the ​

new collection w​as​ shot last autumn in Tenerife. The beautiful atmosphere of the island and its mysterious light reflect the spirit of the new ​collection. Classic lace, tattoo lace, deep necklines and floral embroidery can be found in it.

Romance by Diane Legrand presents plenty of lace styles, Assorti by Diane Legrand showcases elegant, classic and romantic styles, and Diamant by Diane Legrand is filled with sparkle and precious beading.

Novabella's new dresses will continue to radiate Spanish passion in the upcoming season and will perfectly present the female figure with tight corsets.

Diane Legrand and Novabella collection 2019 besides classical colors presents shades of blue, rose and gold. This difference from traditional wedding dresses immediately catch​e​​s​ the eye and make​s​ it visually attractive and unique.