What Do You Do With Your Flowers After the Wedding?

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What Do You Do With Your Flowers After the Wedding?

Wedding flowers are the most important decorations for any wedding, but now that you have spent a fortune on your centerpieces and decorations, don't let it all go to waste.

If you are an environmentally conscious couple, and you're trying to have a green wedding, these tips will definitely come in handy.

Here are some ways you can make sure your wedding flowers can be used again and will help you preserve the environment:

Donate your flowers: Who doesn't love flowers? Check with hospitals, nursing homes or any center to see where your centerpieces could be put to good use and cheer people up.

Give them away: If there are some people in your family who helped you plan your wedding, honor them by giving them your flowers.

Honor a memory: If you have someone dear to you who passed away and couldn't be there at your wedding, pay a visit to their grave and put or plant the flowers there.


Reuse the arrangements: If you are having a breakfast or lunch at the hotel or home the next day to your wedding, ask your florist to help your rearrange your wedding flowers and use them again.

Preserve them: Keep your bouquet as a keepsake with these amazing ideas: "How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet​"

Freeze them: You can either freeze-dry the whole bouquet or some flowers or petals to use around your house, read: "Freeze Your Wedding Bouquet"

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