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The Top 2020 Wedding Trend: Sustainable Weddings

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The Top 2020 Wedding Trend: Sustainable Weddings

In 2020 people are becoming very aware of the environment and the world around them, this is why in 2020 be prepared to see lots of eco-friendly touches at weddings.

Although many believe that keeping the environment in mind is something that should always be considered when planning a wedding and event and not a trend, but the idea is that more and more couples are making the effort to make their wedding eco-friendly and has minimal waste.

Weddings take days to set up and get ready and some luxury weddings even take weeks to set up, and their carbon footprints are inevitable, but in 2020 all the waste, plastic use, shipping, and everything else has become unacceptable.

Even planners, florists and other wedding suppliers are looking for ways to create sustainable weddings.

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To give you a clearer idea and help you plan a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding here are some tips for you:

Zero Waste Weddings

Many brides are aiming for zero waste weddings and try to reduce the carbon footprint of their wedding, and this can be done in many ways such as repurposing flowers, plant-based stationery, and hiring suppliers who know about this and can help out.

Second Hand Glam

One of the most popular ways for a sustainable wedding is for brides to consider vintage or secondhand dresses, veils, and the grooms to go for secondhand suits as well.

Some grooms are even going for wood bow ties, recycled gold wedding rings, and more.

Vegan Menus

Couples are being more thoughtful when choosing their wedding menu items, which means choosing more vegan options with fresh locally sourced fruits and vegetables. 

Small Sized Weddings

We expect to see a lot of smaller weddings in 2020 in comparison to the large luxurious weddings, with fewer wedding guests and less food and drink.


Eco-Friendly Stationary

In 2020 we'll see more wedding stationery and invitation cards made of recycled paper and soy-based inks. Many couples are also going for email invites. 

Loving Favors

You can find endless of people who have a home business and make homemade soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and candles, to promote wellness in 2020.

Other popular wedding favors in 2020 are donations to charity in guests' names, home-baked goods and cacti pots. 

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