The Half Top Knot Hairstyle Trend

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The Half Top Knot Hairstyle Trend

Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be a challenge with so many options for brides. And if you’re bored of low or high hair buns, ponytails, or classic half updos, why not try something a bit different? The half top knot is cute, stylish, and easy to wear.

What we love about this hairstyle is that it is easy for the lazy girls out there; as it is edgy and super stylish!

You can keep your hair wavy and super messy and do a small knot or bun on top of your head, or keep it straight if you prefer, for a twist you can have a small braid done at the front of your head then end it with a top knot for an adorable bridal hairstyle.

This trend is being seen on different models, like the ones seen on NastyGal and Asos as well as many celebrities. But we are also seeing some brides wearing their hair in a top knot for a boho-chic or beach bridal look.

Check these looks out and let us know what you think!