The Top Arabic Wedding Songs in 2019

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The Top Arabic Wedding Songs in 2019

Wedding songs are the most important detail in every wedding, no wedding is complete without the right wedding dance songs. Music adds a special and fun touch to any wedding and of course depending on the songs being played your wedding guests will want to dance more at your wedding.

This is why it is very important for couples to choose the right wedding songs for their wedding day. The wedding music list should have different kinds of music such as classic and slow, as well as dancing songs that are upbeat.

Every year many songs become hit songs being played at every wedding, and couples always want to have new wedding songs on their big day.

If you are looking for the most popular wedding songs in 2019 then we are here to share them with you. Many of these songs have an upbeat tempo that is perfect for making people want to hit the dancefloor.

But also don't forget that no matter how many hit songs there are this year, there are songs that will always remain a favorite at weddings. Such as this song by Hussein Al Jasmi. And of course, Balqis is always a favorite at a wedding. And let us not forget about this hit song by Joseph Attiya.

So if you are still looking for the top wedding songs 2019 for your wedding, check these songs out.


Ramy Ayach - Qesset Hob


Sherine - Hoboh Ganna


Layal Aboud & Ali Deik - Lmjanin


Mohammed Hamaki - Ya Sitar

Mohammed Hamaki - Baqeet Ma3ah

Mohammed Hamaki - Alou Annak


Nassif Zeytoun - Kermal Allah


Assif Hellani - Shou Bkhaf Aliyki


Saad Ramadan - Shou Mahsoudeen


Toni Qattan - Ammal Tehlaw


Yara - Shou Baddo


Nassif Zeytoun - Takke

Nassif Zeytoun - Sallemi

Nassif Zeytoun - Ana Maik

Nassif Zeytoun - Kel Yom Bhebik

Nassif Zeytoun - Kermal Allah


Ramy Ayach - Wasafouli Eyounak

Ramy Ayach - Bil Afrah

Ramy Ayach - Sakaker El Sokar

Ramy Ayach - Habeb

Ramy Ayach - Omr Jdeed

Ramy Ayach - Law Ahlami

Ramy Ayach - Saiet El Ghoroub

Ramy Ayach - Baakline


Assi El Hallani - Edhaki


Najwa Karam - Ktir Helou


Angham - Hala Khasa Gedan

Angham - Habayebna

Angham - Asameek Elketera

Angham - Mettamena


Nawal El Zoghbi - Sabbah Sabbah

Nawal El Zoghbi - Le Brasi Amalto

Nawal El Zoghbi - El Gamal Le Naso


Assala - Fi Orbak

Assala - Gedan Gedan


Ziad Bourji - La Oyounak El Helwin


Carole Samaha - Inshallah


Hussein Al Jasmi - Mohem Jiddan


Diana Karazon - Farhetna El Leileh


Yacoub Shaheen - Dallil


Amr Diab - Tehayrk

Amr Diab - Yom Talat

Amr Diab - Ana Gheir

Amr Diab - Bahebo


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