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4 Things Your Wedding Guests Must Do

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 4 Things Your Wedding Guests Must Do

Every bride and groom wants their wedding guests to have a great time at their wedding and remember it with happy cheerful thoughts. But wedding guests should also make an effort to help you get the wedding that you have planned for.

Here are 4 things that your wedding guests must do for you to help with your wedding planning:

  1. Wedding guests should reply to your wedding invitation in good time. Make sure you ask them to reply to your invitation and send them reminders. You need to know how many guests will show up at your wedding reception in order to let your wedding venue know. Otherwise, you will be paying extra for those guests who don’t turn up.
  2. Wedding guests should respect your seating plan. If you do have a seating plan for all tables or for just a few tables or lounges, make sure that your wedding guests know where you expect them to sit. Either hire ushers for this purpose or assign your friends and family to explain this to your guests before the wedding and as they arrive to the wedding.
  3. Wedding guests should not assume that they can bring additional guests.  Make sure you clarify how many persons the invitation covers and be clear whether children are invited or not.
  4. Wedding guests should not be late to your wedding. You don’t want to make your grand entrance into a half full wedding hall. Make sure you pass on messages to your guests about the importance of being on time.

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