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The Pros Of Having a Morning Wedding

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The Pros Of Having a Morning Wedding

Although it is pretty rare in the Arab world to have a morning wedding, but this trend is actually catching up in the Middle East!

So if you’re one of the brides who are looking forward to have a morning wedding, here is what you should expect:

  • It Will Save You Money On The Venue: Since there are not as many bookings for day weddings, you will most likely be able to pay less for your wedding venue.
  • Vendors Will Give You Great Prices: Vendors tend to offer more value when the time doesn't compete with another potential wedding that they still have the opportunity to work for. Be a hard negotiator!
  • Catering is Cheaper: Catering for brunch or lunch will also cost you less than a fancy evening wedding.
  • Save On Lighting: A daytime wedding will save on decorative and functional lighting costs.
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