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What to Consider Before Wearing a White Tuxedo

What to Consider Before Wearing a White Tuxedo

One of the most important tasks a groom has for his wedding is finding the right tuxedo for his big day.

Many might see it as a simple and easy task, but it is not as easy as it looks! There are some rules and details a groom should consider before choosing his tuxedo. Check out: Groom Fashion Rules to Follow

Many grooms choose a traditional black tuxedo, as it is the most popular look for grooms; it is classic, elegant and timeless. 

But many other grooms consider wearing a white tuxedo. Choosing a white tuxedo for your wedding day over a black tuxedo can be tricky, but there are some details you need to consider before you decide on the color of your tuxedo.


White Tuxedo

The Bride's Wedding Dress

There is nothing worse than a bride and groom with uncoordinated looks.

Before you choose your tuxedo, you should ask the bride's opinion and find out the color of her wedding dress, if, for example, the color of the bride's dress is ivory, then a white tuxedo will clash. If the wedding dress has gold embroidery,  then also a white tuxedo will look odd next to it.

A white tuxedo looks best with a white wedding dress, with white embroidery or beading.

White Suit

The Venue and Wedding Style

White tuxedos are best worn for outdoor weddings.

If the wedding has a very classic and traditional theme and style, then a white tuxedo may not fit the ambiance. But if you're having a modern and unique wedding theme, then a white tuxedo will add a unique touch to the wedding. 

White Groom Tux

The Wedding Season

White tuxedos are best worn for Spring and Summer weddings. For a winter or fall wedding, it is better to go with darker colors. 

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