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How to Know the Right Measurements of Your Formal Wear

How to Know the Right Measurements of Your Formal Wear

Your wedding day is coming soon and you should be getting your suit ready, but let's not forget about the little details when it comes to your amazing wedding day look.

A suit is never perfect if the measurements are not right, every groom should make sure that his suit or tuxedo fits and feels right, after all, you don't want to look back at your wedding pictures and regret that you didn't pay attention to detail.

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To help you out we have some helpful tips that will help you get the perfect way to properly measure a gentleman's suit.


Groom's Shirt


Measure your neck with a tape measure to know your shirt size, a shirt should not be too loose or too tight around the neck. As for the length of sleeves, the cuffs should hit the bone at the top of your hand, and the sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.

Groom Trousers


Trousers are not supposed to fit like jeans, the length should hit the top of your shoe heel, it should not break too much. If the trouser has cuffs, they should be no less than 1.5 inches or 3.800 cm.

Keep in mind to always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it. And, if you’re wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

Groom Jacket

The Jacket

The jacket should always be loose and comfortable, the sleeve should show ¼ to ½ of your shirt cuff under the jacket.

Grooms Socks


Dress socks should always cover the calves, they also have to match or be darker than the suit.

Groom Tie

The Tie

Keep in mind that the width of the tie should match the width of the lapel. We always advise grooms to go for the Windsor tie, as it is considered to be the gentleman’s knot, and it looks good with every collar.

These days grooms are getting more creative and bold when it comes to their tie choices but for the ultimate formal look, your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.


The Belt

Make sure your belt is the right length and is not too big or too tight as it might uncomfortable and not very elegant as well. Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.

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