Where to Find a Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

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Where to Find a Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

Moroccan baths are a traditional way to get cleaned and have beautiful skin, it consists of using natural Moroccan ingredients to scrub and exfoliate the body and remove all the dead skin to help you get soft and smooth skin.

Moroccan bath is an old tradition that has been going among brides for hundreds of years, and it is known for its amazing benefits, this is why many brides book a Moroccan bath before their wedding day.

If you don't know where to find a Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi, you will find this list of the top places for Moroccan baths we have for you very helpful!

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Now check out these amazing places for Moroccan baths in Abu Dhabi and book your appointment!

Al Naeem Spa

Rediscover your precious skin by an ancient Arabian opulence at our Al Naeem Spa, where the luxurious Moroccan Hammam, with lukewarm steam and unique black soap, will pamper you by our professional hammam experts. Nonentity has understated luxury quite like Al-Naeem Spa, it is standing out among the city’s other hammams as the only authentic and traditional hammam.

It provides you a unique experience, the Spa’s marble-slabbed room is beautifully muted with very classy accents and crucially designed for your undisturbed timeless moment of relaxation, and you will be impressed with your radiantly blooming skin by the end of this treatment.

Victoria Spa

Victoria delivers the best spa and salon experiences in Abu Dhabi. Members of the Victoria Spa and Salon team are trained to look for inner beauty as well as outer.

Let them nourish your soul with relaxation and rejuvenation. While your mind is enjoying a great visit with serenity, your face, hair, and body will luxuriate in their beauty enhancing treatments. Treatments you will receive at Victoria Spa and Salon have been developed using the highest quality products and innovative techniques.

Victoria Spa and Salon’s goal is to always help you relax, experience amazing and result-driven spa treatments in a beautiful environment. They are constantly researching the most advanced spa treatments, the latest hairstyles, and the most innovative body care. They also offer treatments containing the latest and the most effective ingredients in skin care science, as well as a wide range of holistic and organic skin and body care spa lines

Amber Spa Beauty Lounge

At Amber Spa & Beauty Lounge, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Their mission at Amber Spa & Beauty Lounge is to enrich women's lives by going above and beyond industry expectations in providing professional, high-quality services and products. their goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with their clients and community. They strive to create a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention combine to form a memorable and rejuvenating experience.

Emirates Palace Spa

The Emirates Palace Spa Abu Dhabi will instantly transport you to another realm, experience exquisite relaxation thanks to purely indulgent packages that aim to ignite a sense of balance and serenity. The 1,500 sqm award-winning Emirates Palace Spa features a traditional Moroccan Hammam that is well-appointed with two Jacuzzis, two steam rooms, heated marble, and an ice cave.

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