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Your Guide to Planning a Wedding in the UAE

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Are you getting married in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or somewhere else in the United Arab Emirates? Weddings in the UAE are among the best in the world, as the UAE offers wonderful venues, whether indoors or outdoors; outstanding wedding planners who are able to create any wedding theme you like; extremely talented wedding professionals; and so much more. 

From small beach weddings on The Palm in Dubai to huge Indian Weddings in Ras Al Khaimah to weddings in the middle of the desert, the UAE offers many beautiful and diverse locations for unforgettable weddings and celebrations.

And for your ultimate bridal inspiration, we have collected wedding pictures and information on some of the best weddings held in the UAE and presented them in the Real Weddings section.  So go ahead and enjoy browsing through these albums!

Various experts, who are based in the UAE, have offered very good advice to brides and grooms to be in this section. Whether that advice is related to bridal beauty, hairstyles, wedding photography, or bridal wear, we have asked the experts to share the latest tips and trends, which you will find under the Experts in the UAE section. 

Don't forget that there are many couples who want to have a civil marriage in the UAE, this is why you can check the details for a civil marriage in Abu Dhabi here!

Here in this section, you will find your ultimate directory for planning a wedding in the UAE. The directory includes over 1,500 wedding venues, suppliers, and service providers, covering every aspect of your wedding. From your wedding dress to your honeymoon package, and everything in between, we got you covered. You will find the vendors and venues you are looking for in this directory that you can contact with a click of a button. Browse through the wedding directory for anyone to find the top wedding suppliers and service providers who will help you plan a seamless wedding. 

Emarati Wedding Traditions

Emirati weddings are a vibrant reflection of the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates, blending traditional customs with modern influences.

The process starts with the groom's formal proposal, known as "Al Akhdar," symbolizing respect and commitment.

The Henna Night is a joyous pre-wedding event where intricate henna designs are applied, signifying luck, protection, and fertility. The exchange of a dowry, or "Jahaiz," showcases the groom's love and devotion.

A highlight is the grand Zaffa procession, featuring traditional music and dance to announce the arrival of the bride and groom.

Sumptuous feasts, including dishes like Al Harees and Al Majboos, highlight the culinary expertise of Emirati chefs. Brides wear stunning traditional dresses, while grooms don Kanduras and Agals, paying homage to the UAE's heritage.

These traditions are a testament to the Emirati people's commitment to their culture and values, embodying love, respect, and a vibrant cultural heritage. Embracing both history and modernity, Emirati weddings exemplify the magic that occurs when love and culture intertwine harmoniously.