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Elisabetta Polignano

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In the heart of the fiery Murgia sub-region, location of Italy’s oldest and longest Carnival and famous for its karst caves, Putignano is the Italian capital of bridal gowns. It is also the town imbued in culture and tradition where Elisabetta Polignano was born.

The stylist within her began to emerge in her adolescence, bringing her to collaborate as an apprentice with various craft workshops in her free time outside school hours: a period during which she learned the first secrets of dressmaking. When she was 14 years old, she decided to attend the school for designers in Bari, where she created her first small collections of formal wear for women and children.

Then she moved to Milan to study Architecture, from the capital of bridal gowns to the Italian capital of haute couture. In Milan Elisabetta observed and investigated those elements of style, exactitude, refinement and experimentation which she learned to transfer to the world of bridal wear.

In 1997 she founded the Elisabetta Polignano brand. This achievement marked the beginning of a new, all-Italian adventure. Since then, the brand has produced 6 lines: EP Elisabetta Polignano, Vision, Signature, Vittoria Sposa, Joie de Vivre and Privée.

Nowadays, Elisabetta Polignano’s gowns are sold in two single-brand ateliers and in roughly 70 showrooms in Italy, USA, Eastern Europe, and Japan.