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Are you looking for a special wedding package in Bahrain? Here are the latest wedding packages from hotels and wedding venues in Bahrain. Visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding packages.

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Are you getting married in Bahrain and looking for a special wedding package? Here are the latest Bahrain wedding packages, promotions and special deals from wedding venues. Visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding deals.

What to expect in a wedding package in Bahrain? 

Wedding packages provided by hotels in Bahrain generally include the banquet set-up with a choice of linens, tables and chairs; basic audio visual system and stage as available in the hotel; a range of food and beverage menus, a wedding cake (from 1 to 3 tiers), food tasting (for 2 to 4 people); and one night stay for the bride and groom at the hotel. The packages, of course, vary from venue to venue. The terms and conditions related to minimum guests, minimum spend and payment terms also vary from hotel to another. You will need to check with each hotel on its own. 

How much does a wedding cost in Bahrain? 

The main cost component of any wedding is largely the venue cost with the associated food and beverages. Venues normally charge a 'per person rate' (inclusive or exclusive of taxes and service charges) and present their services and benefits in bundles referred to as a Wedding Package. Typically, venues offer 2 or 3 different packages giving couples the option to select from either a basic wedding package to a more enhanced and upgraded package. The cost of a wedding package could vary from BD 12 per person, offered by smaller 3-star hotels and wedding halls, to over BD 30 per person, offered by luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. Rates also vary by season where higher rates prevail during the high wedding seBahasons in Bahrain (October till April) and lower rates from May to September. 

Where do I find wedding vendors in Bahrain? 

While most of the wedding packages in Bahrain include food, soft drinks, tables and chairs, possibly a wedding cake... and other benefits, you will need to hire other wedding vendors, such as wedding photographer, a videographer, a florist, a band or DJ ... and others. When you visit this section on Bahrain weddings on this website, you will find all the other wedding vendors, suppliers, service providers and shops that you may need for planning a beautiful wedding.

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