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Looking for that special wedding package in Dubai? Here are the latest wedding packages from hotels & wedding venues in Dubai. Click on See Details then click on Book Now to get connected with the venue. Once you confirm the booking let us know, we'd like to send you a special gift! Terms & Conditions apply.

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Are you searching for that special wedding package in Dubai to book for your upcoming wedding? To help you easily compare between Dubai wedding packages from various hotels and venues, we are constantly curating wedding packages from various hotels and venues in Dubai and listing them in this special section.

If you are having a wedding in Dubai soon, with a click of a button you will be able to communicate with wedding venues, enquire about their wedding packages, any additional details, if needed, or simply book your preferred wedding venue directly. 

How much does a wedding cost in Dubai? 

The main cost component of any wedding is largely the venue cost with the associated food and beverages. Venues normally charge a 'per person rate' (inclusive or exclusive of taxes and service charges) and present their services and benefits in bundles referred to as a Wedding Package. Typically, venues offer 2 or 3 different packages giving couples the option to select from either a basic wedding package to a more enhanced and upgraded package. The cost of a wedding package in Dubai could vary from AED 100 (or even less) per person, offered by smaller 3-star hotels and wedding halls, to AED 500 and above, offered by luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. Rates also vary by season - higher rates prevail during the high wedding seasons in the UAE (October till April) and lower rates from May to September. 

In this section covering Dubai wedding packages, we have included a big variety of packages that suit all budgets. You can filter by price range to get to the package that you need. You can also filter by the name of the hotel to view the different packages offered by the same hotel. 

What does a wedding package in Dubai typically include? 

Wedding packages offered by hotels in Dubai generally include the banquet set-up with a choice of linens, tables, and chairs; basic audiovisual system and stage as available in the hotel; a range of food and beverage menus, a cake (from 1 to 3 tiers - normally only top tier will be edible), food tasting (for 2 to 4 people); and one night stay for the bride and groom. The packages, of course, vary from hotel to hotel, and within the same hotel, there could be several packages starting with a basic package and upgrading it with more value-added benefits. The terms and conditions of Dubai wedding packages also vary when it comes to minimum guests, minimum spend, and payment terms. You will need to check with each hotel on its own. Here, in Dubai's wedding directory you will find all the venues and professionals to contact. 

What are the added benefits that higher value packages include? 

Additional benefits can be added by hotels to the package to enhance it,  these benefits and services could include: Soft beverages and juices for a specific duration, a selection of table/chair linen and more elegant chinaware, fresh flower table centerpieces, red carpet arrival experience for your wedding guests, dance floor and stage setup,  a dedicated coordinator on the wedding day, complimentary 1-night stay with special Honeymoon setup and breakfast, a dedicated lounge and Majlis area, special room rates for wedding guests, a spa treatment, a larger wedding cake with more real layers, as well as, complimentary parking service or valet service for all guests.

Do hotels in Dubai require a minimum number of wedding guests? 

Most wedding venues in Dubai ask for a required minimum number of guests to be able to book the venue, especially over a weekend. This condition can be waived for weddings booked during the week. 

Do all hotels in Dubai charge a 'minimum spend'?

Most five and four-star hotels in Dubai ask for a 'minimum spend', especially on weekend weddings. The 'minimum spend' differs from venue to venue at the same hotel. In the winter season, expect 'minimum spend' to be higher for outdoor venues in Dubai. Minimum Spend can be waived for weddings held during the week at some hotels. 

How do you enquire about a wedding package or book one through this section?

After you browse through the different Dubai wedding packages listed in this section and decide which packages are more suitable for you, just click on Book Now and fill in a short form with your contact details. You can also add any comment that you may have. There is no financial commitment at this stage at all. Your information will automatically be sent to the venue that you selected who will in return contact you to follow up.

You will find all the communication between you and the hotel saved in your own dashboard on Arabia Weddings. Once you order a package (by clicking on Book Now), a dashboard will be created for you on the website (if you do not already have one) to view the offers and/or order more services. 

Do I have to let you know when I confirm a Wedding Package with a specific hotel? 

We would love to hear that we were able to help you find and book a wedding package through us. Once you confirm the booking with the venue, do let us know. We'd like to send you a special gift! Terms and conditions apply.

Where do I find wedding vendors in Dubai? 

While most of the wedding packages in Dubai include food, soft drinks, tables and chairs, possibly a wedding cake... and other benefits, you will need to hire other wedding vendors, such as wedding photographer, a videographer, a florist, a band or DJ ... and others. When you visit this section on Dubai weddings on this website, you will find all the other wedding vendors, suppliers, service providers and shops that you may need for planning a beautiful wedding.

Is Civil Marriage Allowed in Dubai? 

Non-Muslim couples getting married in Dubai are able to get their civil wedding licenses in just 24 hours, as part of a new federal decree-law that came into effect on 1 February 2023.

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