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Malaysia Honeymoon

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The beautiful Malaysia occupies parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. Malaysia is blessed with breathtaking beaches, forests, and a mix of cultures. Malaysia beaches are magical with their white sands and blue waters. The Malaysia currency is the Malaysian ringgit. Malaysia is a multicultural society. While Malays make up a 52% majority, there are also 27% Chinese, 9% Indian and a miscellaneous grouping of 13.5% "others".

What about the weather in Malaysia? The climate in Malaysia is tropical, which makes it warm most of the year, but make sure you don't visit Malaysia during the monsoon season, the monsoon season in Malaysia happens from October to February. And don't forget that Malaysia is home to the World’s tallest twin towers – Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, which is a must visit once you're in Malaysia.

Also, with one of the richest marine environments, Malaysia is becoming one of the world’s leading dive destinations, for those who love water activities and diving. The places to visit in Malaysia are endless, you will find yourself going from on attraction to the other, and experiencing once in a life time experience. You will never get bored in Malaysia.

If you're planning to visit Malaysia, and going on a Malaysia tour,  you have to know more about this beautiful country and it's most famous spots, Malaysia tourist attractions and best hotels in Malaysia. This is why we have created this unique section to help you plan your Malaysia honeymoon. You will find everything you need, from the best beaches in Malaysia, the water park in Malaysia, and other Malaysia sightseeing places. Once you get your Malaysia visa, you can start planning your schedule to enjoy this wonderful, unique, and breathtaking country and it's one of a kind tourist attractions.

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