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Delightful Fall Wedding Favors

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Delightful Fall Wedding Favors

No wedding is complete without some beautiful wedding favors; they are the best way to express gratitude and thank your loved ones for attending your wedding and celebrating it with you.

There are so many options out there that make great wedding favors, but sometimes a bride can get overwhelmed with all the ideas she can find. So one way to narrow down the ideas is by getting inspired by your wedding season.

It is always a good idea to incorporate your wedding season into your wedding favors and make your wedding favors even more useful. For example, summer wedding favors can include flipflops or fans, but fall wedding favors need to include something else that is related to the autumn season. Fall-scented candles, delicate shawls, jam jars... are some of many great fall wedding favor ideas.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider personalized fall wedding favors like engraved wooden photo frames or custom-made maple syrup bottles with your names and wedding date. These thoughtful touches will not only be appreciated by your guests but also serve as cherished keepsakes.

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Embrace your wedding season and choose wedding favors for fall wedding that show off the season in different ways, such as the elements, scents, or colors, there are so many stunning ideas for fall wedding party favors.

Remember, the key is to infuse the warmth and charm of the season into your fall wedding party favors, creating lasting memories of your special day in the hearts of your guests.

You don't have to look any further for beautiful fall wedding favors, just take a look at these lovely fall wedding favor ideas that will put a smile on your guests' faces.


Fall Scented Candles

Fall Scented Candles

You can't go wrong with candles as fall wedding favors. They are practical, fragrant, and pretty! Some fall scents include apples, cinnamon, honey, or maple. For a classic scent, you can always choose warm vanilla.

Candles not only add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your wedding but also serve as a wonderful keepsake for your guests to enjoy long after the celebration has ended. You can personalize these candles by adding custom labels or tags with your names and wedding date, creating a lasting reminder of your special day.

Fall Soap Wedding Favors

Fall Inspired Soap

One very practical wedding favor could be soap, but how can you have fall-inspired soaps? You can choose to have your soaps in the shape of pumpkins or leaves, or even pinecones, and don't forget about the smell, choose a fragrance that has some spice, apple, cinnamon, musk, or oud.

Fall-inspired soaps are a delightful and unique wedding favor idea that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The possibilities for customization are endless, allowing you to infuse the charm of autumn into every aspect of your wedding, including the favors.

Consider selecting soap molds in the shape of pumpkins, leaves, or pinecones to capture the essence of the season. These intricately designed soaps not only look beautiful but also make for a practical gift that your guests can use and appreciate in their daily routines.

Olive Tree Wedding Favor

Olive Plants

For that organic and rustic fall wedding vibe, help your guests plant their own olive plants. It is so beautiful to have your guests take a gift from your wedding and watch it grow for years ahead.

Olive plants make for an exceptionally meaningful and eco-friendly wedding favor, embodying the essence of growth, life, and longevity. These symbolically rich favors not only contribute to the rustic and natural ambiance of your fall wedding but also provide your guests with a tangible reminder of your special day.

Fall Sweet Treat

Fall Inspired Candy

Nothing is sweeter than ending the night with a bag of candy or some chocolates! Have some sweet fall-inspired treats for your guests to give away at the end of the night, such as maple candy, chocolate-covered pecans, or butterscotch fudge.

Fall-themed sweets add a delightful and indulgent touch to your wedding favors. These treats not only satisfy your guests' sweet cravings but also encapsulate the flavors of the season, making them a perfect way to conclude your autumn celebration.

Tea Giveaway

Different Tea Flavors

Keep your guests warm with the perfect herbal drink. Have different tea flavors or any other kind you prefer packed beautifully and presented to your guests, you can include black tea, chamomile, jasmine tea, and many others.

Offering a selection of herbal teas as wedding favors is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a way to provide your guests with a warm and comforting experience that mirrors the cozy ambiance of a fall wedding. Herbal teas come in a variety of flavors and blends, allowing you to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Shawl Wedding Favor

Cozy Shawls

Everyone likes a good quality warm and cozy shawl to take home.

Indeed, shawls and pashminas have stood the test of time as a beloved wedding favor for good reason. These versatile accessories not only provide warmth but also add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. When considering shawls or pashminas as wedding favors, there are several ways to make them unique and tailored to your wedding theme.

Firstly, selecting colors that complement your wedding color palette is an excellent way to tie them into your overall theme and décor. Whether you choose to match your wedding colors or opt for complementary shades, your guests will appreciate the thought you put into ensuring the shawls or pashminas align with the aesthetic of the day.

Furthermore, consider personalizing these accessories to make them even more special. You can have your names, wedding date, or a meaningful quote embroidered or printed onto each shawl. This customization adds a personal touch that will remind your guests of your wedding whenever they use it.

Pumpkin Wedding Favors

Pumpkin Wedding Favors

Pumpkin wedding favors are a perfect choice for a fall wedding, as they capture the essence of the season with their warm, rustic charm. These delightful favors not only add a touch of autumn magic to your celebration but also provide your guests with unique keepsakes that symbolize love, harvest, and togetherness.

Here are some creative ideas for pumpkin-themed wedding favors:

Mini Pumpkin Decor: Miniature pumpkins make adorable wedding favors. You can place them at each guest's seat or create a display for guests to choose their own. Attach a tag with your names and wedding date for a personal touch. These can also double as place card holders.

Pumpkin Candles: Pumpkin-shaped candles in autumnal scents like spiced pumpkin or pumpkin pie are a wonderful choice. They not only add a warm, cozy ambiance to your wedding but also serve as lovely mementos for your guests.

Pumpkin Scented Soaps: Pumpkin spice-scented soaps are a luxurious and fragrant option. Package them in rustic, pumpkin-shaped soap molds and present them in burlap bags or wooden crates.

Pumpkin-Flavored Treats: Treat your guests to delicious pumpkin-flavored goodies, such as pumpkin-shaped cookies, pumpkin spice chocolates, or pumpkin-flavored jam. Package them in decorative boxes or bags.

Pumpkin-themed Photo Frames: Pumpkin-shaped or pumpkin-themed photo frames serve as both a decorative element and a practical favor. Guests can use them to display their favorite memories from your wedding.


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