Luxury White Wedding at Burj Al Arab

Heloisa and Naveed got married in a luxurious and elegant wedding designed by EventChic Design in Dubai on 17 November 2017 at Burj Al Arab.

The story of Heloisa Ruiz and Naveed Vakil is a story about how destiny brought them together from 2 different parts of the world. Heloisa hails from a cozy town in Brazil and Naveed is a businessman settled in the United Arab Emirates. Naveed's family are the owners of Marina Home Interiors, one of the largest home furnishing retailers across the Arab Gulf countries, established since 1988.

The wedding planning process started in February 2017 at EventChic Design's office and went on for a period of around 9 months. The first phases concentrated more on the layout and mood boards and envisioning the overall theme of the wedding, with a lot of back and forth meetings and design discussions taking place.

After countless days of planning and production, the operations' team from Eventchic Designs and Marina Home Interiors shook hands to turn this dream into an unforgettable reality. 


Wedding Date:

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Wedding Planner:

The wedding theme followed timeless design elements running on shades of white and off-white with a tinge of blue to break the overall monotony. Crystal chandeliers, cylinder vases, glass candle stands with pedestals were some of the exquisite items used for the wedding, among others such as tables, chairs and buffet décor.

The blessing ceremony took place at Marina Garden in Burj Al Arab. Two arches filled with flowers stood majestically at the end of an aisle, with white flowers flowing on either side as the bride made her way towards the stage. The arch was composed of over 12,000 roses and hydrangeas to create the perfect setup. A grand mesh wall served as a design element with hydrangeas and orchid arrangement to welcome the guests to the blessing ceremony. Custom designed lounge stations and carriages with benches for the kids further amplified the overall vibe of the ceremony, as the open sea stretched into eternity in the background.


After the exchange of vows, the couple and the guests progressed to the Terrace area where they were welcomed by La La Ladies, a band who flew down all the way from Estonia. The head table rested under an illustrious gazebo decorated with moldings and motifs. The high table centerpieces also had a customized stand to reflect the simplicity and minimalism of the overall design. Phalaenopsis orchids flowed gracefully to compliment the event across all dining tables with a sublime cake table sitting at the end laden with flowers and sweets. 30 crystal chandeliers swayed in the gentle breeze which drifted across the tensile structure in the terrace. This was the first time something of this magnitude was allowed to be suspended off the ceiling and it truly set a benchmark.

The whole event spanned over a duration of 10 hours and the couple had their dream wedding. A true highlight of the event were the giveaways which were custom engraved napkin rings with the initials of the bride and groom.

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