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The 1st Month- Important Things to Consider

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The 1st Month- Important Things to Consider

Congratulations! You are starting on a unique adventure. Every pregnancy, like every baby, is special. Your first thought is probably what you should be doing to keep your baby safe and healthy in the coming months. Here are some important things to consider:


  • Who will you tell? Some parents-to-be share the news immediately; others tell only their parents and save the big announcement for the end of the first trimester, when the chance of a miscarriage lessens.
  • Cigarette Smoke is bad for your baby as it can hinder the baby’s growth, so if you do smoke, try to stop. If you can’t quit, cut back. And stay away from other smokers; second- hand smoke can cause low birth weight and even cancer later in a child’s life.
  • Don’t take any over the counter medications until you talk to your doctor.
  • Avoid unpasteurized milk and juice, raw-milk cheese, and raw fish, meat, and eggs, because they can contain harmful bacteria. Deli meat and soft cheeses, such as Brie and feta, can also harbor harmful bacteria, so stick with freshly prepared but well cooked foods.
  • Fish is an excellent source of protein, but you shouldn’t eat swordfish, tilefish, shark, or king mackerel because they can contain dangerously high amounts of mercury.
  • If you can’t live without your morning cup of coffee, don’t worry. The caffeine from one or two at most is believed to be safe. But caffeine is also found in chocolate, most soft drinks, and some over- the- counter drugs, so do watch your intake. Caffeine-free herbal teas are not necessarily any better; some of the more exotic herbs can be harmful in pregnancy.
  • Regular moderate exercise will help prepare you for labor and is safe, as long as your doctor gives you the go-ahead. If an activity causes you discomfort, stop doing it.

Take care of yourself, and you’ll take care of your baby too.