The 2019 Wedding Dress Collection by Tony Ward

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The 2019 Wedding Dress Collection by Tony Ward

The ocean...This vast body of salt water inspired so many artists over the years, so many writers, poets, singers... and Tony Ward was no exception.

For his Bridal 2019 collection, Tony Ward turned to the ocean, the sea and the summer breeze to design his wedding dresses.

The collection features fitted and pure silhouette dresses with meticulous detailing and embroideries inspired by the gracious movement of the waves. Whether the ocean is calm and still or rough and violent, it is always beautiful, and this is what the designer wished to express in his dresses. He captured these volatile and evasive promises of adventure through the play of crystals, silk threads and sequins embroideries over wavy and vaporous fabrics such as lace, silk organza or tulle.

The wedding dresses of this latest collection are designed for a modern bride who, just like the ocean, can be wild and free – after all, who can stop the current?