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3 Popular Wedding Cake Ideas

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3 Popular Wedding Cake Ideas

We are always sharing the latest wedding cake trends with you, and we also have shared some unique wedding cake ideas.

There are some trends that have been there for a while now and are still pretty popular.

For example, the naked cake or the unfrosted cake has been trending for the past 2 years and brides are still completely in love with them!

Here are some wedding trends that are still popular:

Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked Wedding Cakes

Simple cakes without icing, frosting, or fondant are still very popular among brides, they prefer their cakes uncovered but decorated with natural flowers or fruits.

See more naked wedding cakes here!

Two in One Cakes

Two in One Cakes

Brides are becoming more money and budget savvy, so instead of spending money on cake and giveaways, they are adding a cake display at the wedding (which is usually fake) and then sending the guests away with mini cakes or cake pieces nicely wrapped as wedding favors.

Animated Wedding Cakes

Lights and Entertainment

For brides who want to go all out at their wedding, some brides are having their wedding cake as the focal point of the wedding hall, cakes are being animated to wow the wedding guests, with lights, projectors, and images. 

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