4 Ideas for a Romantic Wedding

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4 Ideas for a Romantic Wedding

There is no better place or time to share the love and romance than your wedding day!

If you want your wedding to be romantic but don’t want to overdo it so it becomes cheesy, we have some lovely ideas that will wow your guests.

  • Hold your wedding at the site where your husband-to-be proposed. Let your guests know where and WHY they are invited to this venue in specific.
  • Use lighting to set the mood, create a special color or glow for your first dance, entrance and any other detail.

4 Ideas for a Romantic Wedding

  • Use lots of candles, whether they are placed on the floor, the tables, or floating in glass bowls, candles never fail to add a romantic touch to your wedding.
  • Let your groom give a special toast, or read a romantic poem for you in front of everyone.


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