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4 Tips to Help You Choose Your First Dance Song

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4 Tips to Help You Choose Your First Dance Song

If you and your partner are stressing out about your wedding’s first dance and having a difficult time choosing your song, you are not alone.

Many couples have a difficult time choosing their song and differ in the selection of the song.

Your first dance as husband and wife is the most important and romantic dance you will ever have as a couple.

Choose a wedding song that reminds you of each other and describes your feelings towards each other.

Whether it is an Arabic song, an English song or otherwise there is much more to take into consideration when choosing your wedding song. 

First Wedding Dance

How to Choose Your First Dance Song?

  1. Pick a Genre: Start with a general view on music, choose and agree on a genre, whether its classic, salsa, or pop, keep narrowing down your options until you find a style you can both agree on.
  2. Play it Safe:  There’s no need to hire a dance instructor if you choose a song that’s easy to dance to. 
  3. Choose the Lyrics: Make sure the lyrics in the song you choose have some meaning towards your relationship with each other. You may both love the same song which reminds you of each other, but you should still read the lyrics before you decide on it, as some songs may sound nice but have irrelevant or inappropriate lyrics that make it unfit for a first dance.
  4. Choose the Right Tempo: Make sure your song is danceable, a song with an off-tempo can be boring and dull, and the other way around. Don’t choose a fast-paced song unless you are sure that you and your partner have the dancing skills and moves for it.

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