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Wedding Music

No wedding is complete without music and beautiful love songs, but sometimes choosing the right wedding songs can be confusing.

Once a couple starts planning their wedding, one of the tasks they are faced with is creating a wedding playlist, and we have made it easier on you with these helpful tips and an amazing playlist.

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After you have finished planning all the details of your wedding day, make sure to give special attention to the wedding music playing at your wedding. Music either makes or breaks a wedding; it helps your guests get into the right mood and sets a great ambiance to the place. When it comes to weddings, music is one of the most important elements there is. A wedding with bad music is a lifeless boring one, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap.

Whether you are choosing a band and live entertainment or a DJ, you should always look for a DJ  or band with a good reputation and solid experience. Ask your friends and relatives, go and visit music stores, and interview some DJs and bands. And don’t forget to pick songs for your entrance, first dance, wedding cake cutting, and even a father-daughter dance.

One of the most important songs you will pick is your first dance song, because the first dance is the most important part of a wedding, as it will be the first time your guests will see you as husband and wife. Your first dance as husband and wife is the most important and romantic dance you will ever have as a couple. The best tip to having the perfect wedding first dance is to choose a wedding song which reminds you of each other and describes your feelings towards each other. Don't forget about other wedding dance songs, for example for the mother-son wedding dance, and the father-daughter wedding dance

In this section you will find everything you need to know about wedding music, we will help you choose the perfect songs, the perfect DJ and band for your wedding, not to mention all the songs we have for you to choose from, whether you want Arabic music or English, you will find it all here.

So be careful when planning your wedding music; here are some mistakes couples usually make that you should avoid:

  • Don’t dance alone for too long. Your first dance is very important but it shouldn’t take forever as your guests will get bored. Your DJ should make the song a little shorter so that it is not too obvious.
  • Don’t let the DJ control your music: Check the wedding music library that we have on the website and give your DJ a list of your favorite songs. It is also advisable to give your wedding day DJ a list of the songs that you don’t want to be played on your big day.
  • Don’t stop the music. You need to prepare a list of songs for every part of your wedding from the entrance, to the exit including the dinner.