45% of Weddings Rescheduled Due to COVID19

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45% of Weddings Rescheduled Due to COVID19

COVID-19 has brought a crisis to the international wedding community with no precedents, a recent report by Belief Wedding Creators found out. Wedding vendors and couples around the world have been struggling in order to make their dream come true. To understand the effects of coronavirus in the wedding market, Belief Wedding Creators, an international platform and community for wedding planners, has conducted a research with more than 1000 wedding vendors in 47 countries.

The results showed that 30.26% of the weddings were postponed for the later part of 2020, while 15.64% were postponed until 2021. The cancellation rate around the world was 6.3%. According to the research, the vendors who participated had an average of 18.3 weddings scheduled for 2020, of which 5.5 weddings got postponed for later in the year and 2.9 weddings for 2021.

“With borders closed until no further notice, it's important to have a “plan B” for weddings and travels before September 2020. Our recommendation is to postpone instead of canceling, in order to not lose time or money. Everything that has been done and negotiated justifies much more rescheduling than canceling. Suppliers are very flexible on this point, no doubt that rescheduling the wedding is a better alternative”, says Giovana Duailibe, CEO of Belief Wedding Creators. 

Italy, one of the most affected countries around the world, had 41.4% of its weddings postponed for later 2020, while 28% of the weddings got postponed to 2021.

In the USA, the country with the largest number of participants in this research, the study found out that 27.4% of the weddings were postponed for later 2020 and 10.1% for 2021. 

Belief Wedding Creators is an international platform for wedding planners and designers, with members in more than 30 countries. “Learn, share and build long-lasting connections without the hustle to be a lonely entrepreneur.That's the main goal of Belief and we are always open to new wedding creators that want to join the community and be part of our social programs and business opportunities”, states Giovana Duailibe.

Image: Sabrina Gambato, Italy. 

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