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5 Gorgeous Places to Get Married at in France

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5 Gorgeous Places to Get Married at in France

You can’t go wrong with France; the country offers amazing landscapes, castles, beaches, lavender fields, historical monuments… and lots more. All kinds of couples with different interests might find a suitable place to get married in this beautiful country. A destination wedding in France is a romantic option for so many couples who fly in with their wedding guests from all around the world to tie the knot. We have recently seen several couples from the Middle East, particularly from Lebanon as well as Syria who held their weddings in France. 

France has been the most-visited country in the world for more than 20 years. Well, if you have not decided where to get married in yet, these amazing wedding planners from France, who are also members of the Belief Wedding Planners community, will show you 5 amazing regions in France to say “I do”. 

Fete en France - Photograph by Evan de SousaFete en France - Photograph Le Secret d AudreyFete en France - Photograph Le Secret d AudreyFete en France - Photograph Le Secret d AudreyFete en France - Photograph Studio Cabrelli

1) Paris

We could not make this list of amazing places in France to get married at without Paris which is known worldwide as the capital of romance. Many guys go to the Eiffel Tower to propose to their girlfriends, and the Pont des Arts has kept the lockers from lovers for many years… but what about a destination wedding in Paris?

According to wedding planner Nancy LaTart, from Fête in France, Paris is perfect for an elegant, sophisticated wedding in a private mansion or luxury palace hotel. Paris is romantic any time of year, but the best time to get married in is April to July and September to October, according to Nancy. “We tend to advise against August since it's the peak vacation season in France, which means travel and accommodation can be more expensive, and certain venues and vendors (especially in Paris) also go on vacation”, alerts Nancy.

Another good thing about choosing Paris for a destination wedding is the amount of attractions you can visit with your guests “Paris has so many excellent things to do! Museums, the Eiffel Tower, shopping and discovering French food & wine”, affirms Nancy LaTart. Wedding planner Mélissa Wilpotte, from Du Rêve à La Réalité, also adds: “In Paris, of course, The Tour Eiffel, the Louvre, Champs Elysées Avenue and a lot of other monuments and museums are famous attractions for wedding guests to visit”. 

Laetita Bastien

2) Bordeaux and Southwestern Region of France

If you like good wine and French food, then the South West of France, especially the region of Bordeaux, is highly recommended for destination weddings. “There you’ll find beautiful vineyards, modern city center and good weather. We recommend it for all sorts of couples, however, the classic ones would be probably more satisfied by the Chateaux of Bordeaux and the good wine and French food. Together with your guests, you can go for wine tastings and visit the Chateaux (the castles). Then, you visit the Bassin d'Arcachon with Dune du Pilat (the tallest sand dune in Europe), with amazing beaches and sea views”, says wedding planner Julie Bonenfant, from Noces du Monde.

Mélissa Wilpotte also believes that the Cabane Bartherotte, in Cap Ferret, is also a good place to get married at because there is a fantastic view of the Dune du Pilat. 

Mélissa Wilpotte recommends this region for its gorgeous castles with vineyards. “In Bordeaux, you can visit the center town, taste wine in castles, surf in the ocean, visit museums, eat seafood in front of the ocean or at Bassin d'Arcachon. It's splendid! The best time to visit is in June or September, because there are less tourists and the weather is perfect; not too hot but sunny”, Mélissa further explains.

Loire Valley

3) Loire Valley

For couples looking for a fairy tale wedding, a château from the Loire Valley would be perfect, and the good thing is that this region is very easily accessible from Paris, according to wedding planner Nancy LaTart.

Wedding planner Marie-Laure Giacomelli of Giacomelli Weddings & Events, said that the Loire Valley unites amazing chateaux and gorgeous green landscapes. “I did a wedding at Allure du Lac, next to a lake. The greenery from the trees and the water were breathtaking. Angers is a city full of history to visit, the chateau and church are a must-see. And the ‘caramandes’ (a chocolate) and ‘quernon d’ardoise’ (a sweet made of almonds, hazelnuts and blue chocolate) to be tasted! Saumur is another place to see (try the fouée: An airy bread from the Western France - in a traditional troglodyte with a glass of Coteau du Layon)! There are many traditional venues with a lot of surrounding nature”, says Marie-Laure.

Marie-Laure adds that the Loire Valley has many beautiful cities to visit, some bigger ones like Angers and some smaller ones like Grez Neuville. There are also all the famous chateaux to visit in Loire Valley including Chambord, Blois, Cheverny, and Chenonceau.

fete en France - Photography Studio CabrelliPlanner Marie-Laure Giacomelli - Photography Flourian MaguinPlanner Marie-Laure Giacomelli - Photography Flourian Maguin

4) Lyon and the Beaujolais Area

If you are looking for a more unconventional place to get married at in France, you might find the perfect spot in Lyon and the Beaujolais area.

“It is not the most famous destination but a beautiful one for the connoisseur. Beaujolais is also called little Tuscany as it has lovely hilly landscapes with vineyards. The “Pierre Dorée” (golden stones) is a well-preserved area with venues for wedding all in stones that are amazing. You also have French chateaux. The variety is great for a destination wedding. Plus, the food is amazing. Lyon is known as the gourmet capital of France. It is also a wine region with Burgundy nearby and Beaujolais wines,  a region that deserves to be better known. Beaujolais is for those who are looking for a new experience and undiscovered venues that not everyone has seen. You do not need to be adventurous though”, explains Marie-Laure.

Wondering what’s the best time of the year to get married there? Marie-Laure says that autumn is beautiful in the Beaujolais area, with the orange colors of the vineyards and the nature!

Once you decide to get married in this region, you can visit some beautiful spots as well. “In Lyon, you have the ‘must-see’ with Fourvière Cathedral. Stroll around vieux Lyon, Saint-Jean church, and the freshly renovated Hôtel Dieu. Enjoy a cocktail at the InterContinental! Have dinner in a traditional "Bouchon Lyonnais". If you prefer nature,  visit Beaujolais Pierre Dorée traditional villages (Oingt, Ternand) and enjoy the wine route while visiting some wineries”, suggests Marie-Laure.

Marie-Laure GiacomelliMarie-Laure Giacomelli Photograph Laetita BastienMarie-Laure Giacomelli Photographer Sophie Edouard

5) Provence and Southern Region of France

Sunny weather, lavender fields and gorgeous landscapes, all of this makes the Provence the right place for a destination wedding.

“I recommend the South of France for the Provence touch, the traditional Mas and Bastide venues and the lavender landscapes. It is a destination I go to a lot with my destination couples looking for sun and tradition, sometimes even sea. Once again, there are many traditional dishes to try, like tarte tropezienne, navettes, aïoli... amazing fish. Rosé wine is on every wedding table. The sounds are typical, you can hear the crickets while enjoying a nice outdoor dinner”, Marie-Laure says.

Nancy agrees with that: “A countryside wedding in a Provence with an outdoor reception under the stars is an amazing option”.

In this region wedding planner Latifa Koot, from Koot & Wedding, suggests the Château de Cassis, Domaine de Canaille, which is a castle that also offers suites for accommodation. There, you can have a wedding with an amazing sea view. 

If you like the idea, spring is the best time of the year to get married there. “I would say spring for all weddings, with a special note for south of France. The days become longer and you can enjoy long aperitifs outside with a warm, but not too hot, weather and a good Rosé. May and early June are amazing in this region”, recommends Marie-Laure.

In Provence, Julie suggests that you visit “Les Arènes de Nîmes", Marseille and Côte d'Azur. “Provence is dotted with charming towns with open-air markets and antiques markets”, says Nancy.

Marie-Laure Giacomelli also recommends to visit Artistic Mougins, Grasse for the perfume history, traditional Saint-Tropez, Aix en Provence and Baux de Provence, the "fontaines du Vaucluse", the market of l’Isle sur la Sorgue and Antibes as well.

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